Winter Menu

Breakfast/Lunch Menu (pick up and takeaway)

Vegan Breakfast … 20
housemade falafel, mushrooms sautéed in lime, garlic, chilli, fresh tomato, baby spinach and dukkah
turn Primal: add bacon 5

Bacon & Egg on toast … 16
Bacon & eggs your way (poached, scrambled, fried) on toast with grilled tomato OR avocado.

Triple B … 20
brisket breakfast burrito: house smoked brisket, egg, tilmans BBQ sauce, avocado and slaw wrapped in a soft tortilla served with a side of gems.

Smashed Avocado GFA| V … 19
Smashed avocado & Meredith goats feta on toast with a poached egg, fresh herbs & house made dukkah and vinaigrette

Bacon & Egg Roll … 10
Bacon & a fried egg on a milk bun with choice of sauce (bbq, tomato, hot smoked bbq or chilli aioli (hot), apple chipotle)
add cheese and gems +5

Egg on toast … 12
Eggs your way (poached, scrambled, fried) on toast.

Toast with Spreads … 6
Vegemite | Seasonal Jam | Honey | Peanut Butter | Nutella

Grilled Cheese V … 10
three cheese grilled toastie with spiced tomato chutney

Brisket Toastie … 13
house smoked brisket with aged cheddar cheese, mustard and caramelised onion jam

Vego Burritto V … 19
Housemade falafel, smashed avocado, slaw, white bbq sauce, tomato and cucumber on soft tortilla served with chips.

Chicken Burritto … 19
smoked pulled chicken with crispy bacon, apple chipotle sauce, smashed avocado, slaw and white bbq sauce on soft tortilla served with chips.

Pork Burrito … 19
14 hours slow smoked pork with crunchy slaw and apple chipotle on a soft tortilla served with chips.

Brisket Cheeseburger … 10
House smoked brisket with cheese, tomato sauce and pickles on a bun

SS Nachos … 17
smoked chicken rolled in house mexi sauce with avocado aioli, cheese sauce, sour cream, tomato, herbs and corn chips.

hot pastry combo … 15
choice of house made pie or sausage roll (subject to availability) with slaw and gems.

bowl of Chips … 4

DIY Meat Extras … 5
pulled pork | bacon | brisket

DIY Vegetable & Dairy Extras … 3
egg | cheese | tomato | potato gems | slice of toast | pickles | avocado | beans

Dinner Menu (pick up and takeaway)

Burgers $20

– Bovine: reverse seared scotch fillet, brisket burnt ends, beef Pattie and cheese on a potato bun.

– Fried Chicken: Raspberry chipotle fried chicken with crunchy slaw and crispy bacon on potato bun served with fries.

– APC: House smoked pulled port, maple bacon, and crispy pork belly on a potato bun served with fries.

– Big Dog: Hot dog with tomato sauce, mustard, aioli, pickles and crispy onions on a potato roll served with fries.

loaded nuggies $15
loaded chicken chippies with bbq sauce, crispy maple bacon and cheese sauce.

Side of fries $7

Dietary Guide

Please let us know when ordering of any allergies or intolerances. Due to our kitchen environment we cannot guarantee there are no traces of nuts, gluten, egg in our food.

  • GFA – Gluten Free Available
  • V – Vegetarian
  • DF – Dairy Free

$5pp cakeage charge

All prices are in Australian Dollars (A$).    NO SPLIT BILLS