Summer Menu

Breakfast/Lunch Menu (pick up and takeaway)

Vegan Breakfast … 20
Tomato and grilled asparagus bruschetta on toast with almond curd, fresh herbs and house dressing
Primal: add bacon +5
add egg +3

Bacon & Egg on toast … 16
Bacon & eggs your way (poached, scrambled, fried) on toast with grilled tomato OR avocado.

Chefs Breakfast … 20
150g house smoked brisket, grilled Australian asparagus, tomato and fried egg served with a side of gems.

Smashed Avocado GFA| V … 19
Smashed avocado & Meredith goats feta on toast with a poached egg, fresh herbs & house made dukkah and vinaigrette

Bacon & Egg Roll … 10
Bacon & a fried egg on a milk bun with choice of sauce (bbq, tomato, hot smoked bbq or chilli aioli (hot), apple chipotle)
add cheese and gems +5

Egg on toast … 12
Eggs your way (poached, scrambled, fried) on toast.

Toast with Spreads … 6
Vegemite | Seasonal Jam | Honey | Peanut Butter | Nutella

Grilled Cheese V … 10
three cheese grilled toastie with spiced tomato chutney

Brisket Toastie … 14
house smoked brisket with aged cheddar cheese, mustard, pickles, truffle aioli and caramelised onion jam

Vego Burritto V … 19
baby spinach, guacamole, chefs slaw, tomato and cucumber soft tortilla served with chips.
Primal: Add brisket, pulled pork or smoked chicken +5

Health kick Salad … 18
Baby spinach with slow roasted kumera, quinoa, fresh herbs, avocado, semi dried tomato, Vanella cows betta, house dressing, nuts and seeds
Primal: add smoked chicken, brisket or pork +5

Smoked Chicken Burger … 19
house smoked chicken with crispy bacon, cheese, chefs slaw, competition bbq sauce on martins potato bun served with fries.
take it to the next level – add brisket +5

Brisket Cheeseburger … 10
House smoked brisket with cheese, tomato sauce and pickles on a bun

BBQ meat plate … 20
choice of 2 meats with a side of potato crisps, pickles & slaw.
choose two: brisket, pulled port or chicken (100g each)
add extra sides:
*sauce – tilmans bbq, hot sauce, truffle aioli, chipotle +1
*toasted potato bun +2.50
*cheesy truffled gems +5
*more meat +5

side of fries or gems … 4

DIY Meat Extras … 5
pulled pork | bacon | brisket

DIY Vegetable & Dairy Extras … 3
egg | cheese | tomato | potato gems | slice of toast | pickles | avocado | beans