Donate For Your Prostate Dinner Ribs ‘n’ Wings. Hot Wing Challenge – 24 November 2017

Ribs and wings.

With a hot wing challenge happening at 6:30 and 7:30 pm.

Entries to the hot wing challenge must pre register and if you complete the wing challenge we will donate the full amount of the wings to the prostate cancer foundation.


The hot wing challenge will be a note donation and will be 3 mins of pain. I will post rules later this week.

Normal menu

Slow smoked pork ribs with house bbq sauce slaw chicken wings (can be hot) and crispy fried potatoes $35

Bowl of house smoked wings $15 (can be hot) with choice of sauce $2 hot smoked bbq
Chilli aoli or blue cheese

Double beef and crispy maple bacon burger with smoked mozzarella American cheddar pickled onions tomato sauce lettuce mustard with sweet potato wedges $25

Grilled chicken burger with maple glazed bacon American cheddar lettuce tomato chilli aioli and sweet potato fries $25

Loaded sweet potato fries with maple glazed bacon Hot smoked bbq sauce mozzarella and slow pulled pork $15

Bowl of sweet potato wedges with house made sweet chilli sauce and sour cream $12

Loaded shakes to be announced

General bookings are essential to secure your table

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